A solution for every opportunity

Solutions and prices adapted to each market and need: applications, factories and generators.

* Reference price subject to change by level of service and number of licenses.

Related questions

Can I buy a single app license for my client?

Yes, you can. Buy an app license, customize the app for your client, and charge for your services.

What features will my app have?

You can choose between the features of Meethodo and create your app or ask us to prepare a template with the modules you need.

Can I customize the design?

We have 10 customizable templates with your corporate image, icon and colors to design your app.

Is it possible to integrate other platforms or design custom application?

Indeed, we offer our development team to customize your application with personalized customizations and third-party integrations.

If I contract a solution, can I later change my plan?

You can review and extend your plan when you need it consulting with our team of consultants.

How do you set PVP prices for applications for customers?

You decide the PVP of your apps. Our reseller prices allow a very attractive commercial margin.

Who offers technical support to the app's customer?

The platform incorporates a livechat to solve any questions of the administrator of the app, in addition we offer telephone support according to the level of service that has been contracted.

What service do all factories have?

They have online training, the generation of the web of the factory, setup of the systems of generation of apps and webs,setup of the buildservers of publication.

What support do we offer to them?

The monthly fee includes a customer care consultant, technical support, project consulting, automated publishing system and maintenance of the application generator and webs.

What is Reseller option consulting?

We offer training at Bluumi office or online, 36 hours of training and 36 hours of orientation and follow-up in business development for the first 2 months: about 10 hours a week.

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