Study of Mobile Apps for Digital Agencies

The mobile wins the battle
8 April, 2016
10 reasons to have an app for your event
30 May, 2016
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We are conducting a Study of Mobile Apps For Digital Agencies # MAFDA16 to find out how agencies interact with the world of application development.
If you work in a digital agency, you are a marketer, freelance developer or any other online marketing profile, why not help us and participate in the Study? Once we get the answers from all the participants we will make a report with the results and we will send it to you by mail.
We also have the support of AERCO (Spanish Association of Community and Social Media Professionals) in the sharing of the Study, you can also support us by sharing it on your social networks.

We are also grateful for the special collaboration of Cluster A in the Study, which will involve the Cluster Development and Innovation Clusters of Andalusian Technological, Cultural and Creative Audiovisual Companies as specialists in the creation of digital content.

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