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10 reasons to have an app for your event

10 reasons to have an app for your event

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When it comes to organizing an event, there are many key aspects, but the key is to ensure accessibility to information for attendees. That’s why a great strategic decision would be to create an app for the event. In this post we are going to give you 10 tips to get the most effectiveness in your event thanks to your application.

# 1 Push in real time

Send practical announcements during the event in real time so that everyone at every moment is aware of what they can do, where to go, what is actually happening currently at the event, etc …

# 2 Maps

Mark points on the map that may be interesting to the event attendees. With creating color coded groups you can group important areas and indicate them from the places of interest to the event or to the best party clubs in the city.

# 3 Geoalerts

Notify your participants in the event when they reach a key point and send them the most appropriate message for the occasion: when arriving in the city, passing by the place of the event, places of interest, farewell …

# 4 Polls

Get feedback from the event when you need it: do daily surveys, for each module or talk, and have the first-hand information that you can publish in your networks and promote your event.

# 5 Calendar

Allow attendees to schedule actions on your device that you easily mark on your app calendar. They can have the same calendar that you publish to avoid any confusion and to schedule alerts so that nothing is lost.

# 6 Custom Messages

Segment participants in the event by profiles and send messages privately. Send personalized notifications to speakers, listeners, moderators or any group you need.

# 7 Attached Files

Send files to your users so they have all the documentation they need like the event program, the meals menu, documents that the speaker wants to share, etc …

# 8 Social networks

Keep a direct link to the app with your social networks. Allow attendees to connect to Facebook and Twitter quickly from the app and publish from your control panel in your accounts.

# 9 Banners

It has a space for sponsors to be visible at your event. Using an image slider, it shows the logos of the sponsors of your event as well as a direct access to their webs.

# 10 Rewards

Reward app users who sign up, poll, and share app content using the event’s hashtag on their social networks, using a point system that can be redeemed for gifts. You can make your event go viral among the attendees themselves.

We hope these tips will help you and convince you that your next event will have its own app. Soon we will tell you how to make an application for events and include all these tips to get the most out of your event and make it a success.

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