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About Bluumi

Bluumi is one of the leading companies in Europe in developing native mobile applications for companies. After a period of development and a great investment we have created Meethodo, a technology to accelerate the production of applications for iOS and Android.

Where we are

Av. de la República Argentina, 21B
41011 Seville (Spain)

+34 902 01 01 51

We ofer our services directly or through Master Franchises in diferent countries..
Currently we have offces in Spain, Portugal, Peru and Costa Rica.
Our vision is to democratize applications in the SME segment and to lead the new era of mobile digital transformation.

If you want to contact one of our franchises outside Spain:
Av. José Larco Nº1052. Miraflores (Perú)
Tel. (51) 990 163 422
Barrio Pedernal, Candelarita, Puriscal, San José de Costa Rica.
Tel. +506 24170863 | +506 83791010

A history of transformation

Discover the key milestones of Bluumi's biography
  • 2011Establishment of Bluumi

    Bluumi was established with the vision of offering applications to all types of companies and businesses with a cost adjusted to their needs.
  • 2014Leaders in Europe

    We developed our first application generator and content manager, which we evolved to become Europe's leading native apps.
  • 2015The Xgen App Factory Launch

    A great investment in R&D allowed us to implement the first App Factories software for native applications and responsive webs and offer them to our partners.
  • 2016The new Bluumi

    With an evolving business model, we attract the investment needed to reach this key moment with a unique project to continue leading the mobile transformation.