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About Bluumi

Bluumi is one of the leading companies in Europe in developing native mobile applications for companies. After a period of development and a great investment we have created Meethodo, a technology to accelerate the production of applications for iOS and Android.

A history of transformation

Discover the key milestones of Bluumi's biography
  • 2011Establishment of Bluumi

    Bluumi was established with the vision of offering applications to all types of companies and businesses with a cost adjusted to their needs.
  • 2014Leaders in Europe

    We developed our first application generator and content manager, which we evolved to become Europe's leading native apps.
  • 2015The Xgen App Factory Launch

    A great investment in R&D allowed us to implement the first App Factories software for native applications and responsive webs and offer them to our partners.
  • 2016The new Bluumi

    With an evolving business model, we attract the investment needed to reach this key moment with a unique project to continue leading the mobile transformation.