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Discover Meethodo Enterprise!

Meethodo Enterprise was born in response to the needs of companies in the process of digital transformation. Integrate in a single app all the tools for the digitalization of any business.


Meethodo Enterprise makes it easy for all employees to access the digitalization of the company. It is a SaaS solution (hiring x user license), cross platform (iOS, Android and Web), 100% customizable (design and functionalities) and Integrable (with ERP or Apps already existing in the company).

The digital transformation arises thanks to the intensive use of mobile devices and cloud services and allows companies to be more efficient and profitable. Our experience in mobile development and project consulting has led us to create Meethodo Enterprise, a tool with SaaS model and composed of modular solutions that can be perfectly adjusted to the needs of each company.

Meethodo Enterprise saves companies time and costs by integrating in a single app all the functionalities necessary to make way for the digital transformation.

The digital transformation tries to improve, through digital solutions:

  • Internal resources
  • Internal communication
  • Training
  • Employee Experience
  • Productivity
  • Corporate identity



Solution in SaaS model (pay per use), reduces development investment and maintenance costs

Continuous Process Improvement

Optimization of the company's resources and operations, as well as the performance of people


The measurement of results is one of the great challenges of digital transformation processes. With Meethodo it is possible to measure all actions performed by users and departments.

Employee Loyalty

Employee happiness is the key to combating absenteeism and rotation. Meethodo Enterprise incorporates tools to facilitate communication and socialization between employees and departments.

What does Meethodo Enterprise contribute?

On the road to digital transformation, companies often acquire different digital solutions from different brands, depending on the specific needs they want to cover.

What happens in these cases?

  • The use of tools of different brands entails learning time for the user, multiple accesses and maintenance costs for each tool.
  • Few customization and integration options with other software already used by the company.
  • Unified metrics reports.

We group its functionalities in:

  • 1. Internal communication

    All the necessary tools for horizontal, vertical and diagonal communication between departments and employees.

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  • 2. Training

    Training tools of the 21st century for users of the 21st century: thanks to the intensive use of the smartphone, the user now decides when, where and how to learn.

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  • 3. Employee happiness

    Employees are the best prescribers of a company abroad. In addition, your happiness is key to combating rotation and absenteeism.

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  • 4. H.R.

    Use external services of H.R. It limits the possibilities of this area and also involves an important investment. Therefore, Meethodo Enterprise integrates tools to fulfill these functions from within the organization.

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  • 5. Resource management

    Digitizing the management of resources and operations avoids administrative errors and facilitates, among other things, the management of travel expenses and the reservation of meeting rooms.

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