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Internal communication

Digitizing internal communication helps standardize processes, affecting performance and productivity.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal communication

In the 21st century, internal communication continues to be a great challenge for companies. Only large companies have an internal communication department. However, proper management is key to improving aspects such as the work climate or the performance of employees, which directly affect productivity.

The challenge of the digital transformation of companies is the challenge of the digital transformation of talent. The goal of internal communication is for employees to become prescribers of the brand itself. "Marketing WOM" (Word of Mouth) contributes to the perception that users have of brands above advertising and influencers RR. PP.

Digitize internal communication helps...

  • Avoid rotation
  • Integrate company culture
  • Increase engagement (level of employee involvement with the company)
  • Improve the image, competitiveness, positioning and corporate reputation


Meethodo Enterprise is a native app for iOS and Android and has the following modules that allow the management of internal communication in any business:
  • Push notifications

  • Bulletin board

  • Events agenda

  • Private chat

  • Contacts

  • Intranet 2.0

  • News in real time

  • Multinational & multisede

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