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Resource and process management

Resource and process management

In the day to day work we invest time in manually carrying out tasks related to the management of resources and operations of our company.
And if they were digitized?

Operations management, a necessity in companies

In the globalized and competitive business world like the current one, process management has become a necessity for companies. Many companies perform these services manually. With automation, the performance is increased and the time needed to perform the tasks is reduced.

By digitizing these processes, administrative errors are avoided and processes are streamlined. A workflow system - BPS (Process Management) is the study of the operational aspects of a work activity, by monitoring compliance with the completion of tasks.

Why digitize the processes?

  • Automate manual work, reducing times and errors
  • Improves productivity and performance, by accelerating processes
  • It allows the measurement of results


Meethodo Enterprise es una app nativa para iOS y Android que dispone de las siguientes funcionalidades para optimizar la gestión de operaciones en cualquier empresa:
  • Room reservation

  • Parking reservation

  • Travel expense management

  • Meeting agenda

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Business Card

  • Organization chart

  • Realidad aumentada

  • Document management

  • Suggestions mailbox

  • Training

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