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The mobile wins the battle

The mobile wins the battle

According to the sixteenth edition of the report “La Sociedad de la Información en España” made by Telefónica, and shared by Valeria Murgich in the blog Merca.20, 22.2 million Spaniards daily access the Internet and there is also a continuous increase of the access from the mobile. Therefore mobile has become the main mean of access to the Internet, assuming a rise of 88.3% in the use of mobile devices compared to 2014 and placing them above the use of the computer, followed by television and console.

Of all those Spaniards, the segment between the age of 16-74 is the most connected to the Internet to see the mail, read news, find information and watch movies, videos or music. Children are 15.8% of Internet users, of whom 26.1% are browsing more than three hours a day, while the group with the highest increase are people between 55 and 64 years old (61.4%) – 6 points more than in 2014.
This report also shows that 3.8 million applications are downloaded daily with an average of 30 apps per device, although only 14 are used actively. The use of applications surpasses the browsing through the mobile and actually 89% of this time we are using mobile devices.
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