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Gathering all the necessary training tools in a single software reduces the resources needed for training by the company.

The training in charge of the company benefits both the employee and the company

The adaptation of the training offer to the demand of the labor market is the great challenge of training in the 21st century. Offering training programs to employees according to their strengths, weaknesses and functions in their jobs is the best way to ensure full training for the tasks that each employee must develop.

In addition, in certain sectors, technology advances very fast and workers must constantly update their knowledge. In these cases, companies must have the ability to create their own training courses for their employees. On the part of the employees, they feel valued when they receive training from the company, so it is also a way of loyalty to the employee and contribute to their happiness at work.

How does it benefit your company to use an app to provide training to employees?

  • The employee will be able to access the training contents at any time and from any place
  • It makes it possible to train employees in specific tasks depending on their departments or each particular employee based on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Compulsory training programs can be integrated for all members of the company, such as occupational risk prevention training
  • It is a good measure of loyalty


Meethodo Enterprise is a native app for iOS and Android and has the following modules, which allow the management of training activities in any company:
  • Access to training pills

  • Course Creation

  • Evaluation test

  • SHE

  • Push notifications

  • Training climate and satisfaction survey

  • Listen and improve

  • Reservation of rooms and other elements