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The department H.R. nourishes the rest of areas of an organization. Its function is vital for any company, since productivity and proper functioning of the company depend on its work.

Talent management, beyond the selection processes.

At the beginning of the crisis, many companies chose to resort to an external HR department, which implies, in addition to an investment, a limitation of functions.

In the 21st century, all large companies have an HR department. Professionals in this field must face mainly 2 main challenges: staff turnover and absenteeism. But they are not their only challenges: they must also guarantee the happiness of employees in their work and improve their participation in the organization through the transmission of company values.

Why manage H.R. from within the organization?

  • It allows to fill vacant profiles with people from the company itself
  • Facilitates the integration of company culture
  • It allows you to track each person within the company, identify their strengths and weaknesses and based on that, offer certain training or tasks to perform
  • Thus, it is possible to develop measures that increase the happiness of employees and, consequently, their involvement and feeling of belonging to the company.


Meethodo Enterprise is a native app for iOS and Android that allows you to manage, through the following modules, all the tasks of an H.R department:
  • Internal promotion

  • Performance Surveys by Department

  • Work Environment Survey

  • Training courses

  • Employee Happiness