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Native Apps vs. Web App vs. Hybrid App

Native Apps vs. Web App vs. Hybrid App

Everybody talks about applications for quite some time, but do you know the differences between the options? First of all, yes, there are several “types” of apps, and depending on what you need, you can allow or better suit your business. Either way you would have to choose between one option or another to move to the mobile world.

Native Apps are the ones designed and developed specifically for the operating systems that each mobile device has (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc …). These applications fit perfectly the mobile environment, adapting 100% to the hardware of the phone as the camera, GPS, contacts, etc … This makes the user experience with the application maximized, even though it has a higher cost than the other options. Native apps are worth it because they are making it easier for the user to use our app, causing satisfaction and we can be loyal to our company.


Web Apps are not really applications as such, they are web pages that have an adaptive design and development so that we can see the same content both on a computer and on a phone without having to raise the project price a lot. Although it is an option that adapts to any phone regardless of the operating system (that is why it is called responsive), it does not take advantage of the hardware of the device and the user experience is not entirely pleasant since the content is organized and adapted to the screen resolution. It is not as simple to use as a native app and in many cases the loading times are eternal, we see the annoying message of cookies and have less security, because we do not forget that they are web pages and open with the Browser (Safari, Chrome, etc …).


Hybrid Apps are a mixture of both options, they are applications that incorporate the device’s browser and offer a “web view” using development frameworks based on the languages HTML, CSS, JS, and depending on the framework used they will be better integrated with the operating system of the device, allowing better usage and more options of the phone hardware. Basically it is a webpage within an application with the option, more limited than in a native app, to use the features of the mobile. The user experience with this option is better than a Web App and it offers lower cost compared to a Native App, but it is still not 100% integrated, designed and developed as a native.


  1. Harsumeet Singh says:

    To make the right choice, it is important to understand the differences between native and hybrid apps. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and your ultimate decision depends almost entirely on your business needs.

  2. Devcount says:


    Thanks for putting together this post on native apps vs web apps. I particularly find your thoughts on mixing both of them interesting.

    I’m glad to find another amazing mobile app development blogger.


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