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We offer to you the best tool for improving the performance of your company, designed to improve engagement and internal communication.

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iNgage is a tool designed by an expert company in customer experience and employees, iNgage Solution SL, and developed by company with the largest number of Apps published in Spain, Bluumi SA.

With iNgage it is possible to improve ...

  • Internal processes and procedures
  • Information and feedback in all departments
  • The satisfaction and involvement of your company employees
  • The employees awareness about what customers live
  • The deployment times of strategies or products
  • The customer experience and its recommendation to other customers

iNgage, take the control of what happens in your company

This solution is prepared to stimulate the use of the tool and to ask the key questions, with which to develop a weekly summary report to the company administrator with a 3 most important areas summary


Detailed measurement of the involvement of company employees


Monitoring of employee activity in the app, as well as the published content

Customer Relationship

Measurement of employees activity in relation to the customer experience