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Why an APP if I have social networks?

Why an APP if I have social networks?

This is a question that we can ask ourselves in our digital strategy, and as we got used to carrying our smartphone everywhere as a vital organ of our body: looking for information, chatting with our contacts, publishing photos, etc. That’s why an app is the perfect tool to stay connected with users and customers 24/7. Applications have already become an important channel of communication that gives us a radical advantage to send offers, new products or content that we want to share with users.

But to what extent is this trend a reality and what data does it support?

  • According to data from Flurry, from March 2013 to June 2014 there was a 13% decrease in the use of laptops and desktop computers.
  • This same report shows that at the same time there was an increase by 13% in the use of mobile devices.
  • During this period the use of mobile applications also increased by 12%.
  • By 2015 the number of apps usage continued to rise to 58% according to Flurry.
  • According to a GSMA study it is estimated that by 2020 there could be 6 billion mobile devices in the world.

The data confirms that the consumption of mobile information and apps are booming and we have to get on the train of this innovation to offer our users the best experience in product, service, promotions and advertising.

What are the advantages of an app compared to the social networks that we already have?

We do not want you to change your social networks for an application, but it is important to note that having a tool as an app improves communication with your users in a more direct and effective way:

  • The app offers a direct contact with your users, in social networks we have to pay to be seen so they are no longer our own means but a paid medium.
  • The user has to log in to one’s networks to see corporate messages while push notifications in an app are displayed instantly on the smartphone screen.
  • The design experience of an app is 100% user oriented, in social networks we use a fixed interface established by each platform.
  • Having your own app allows you to create a reputation and differentiation from other companies, as in social networks all companies are already present there and this does not leave a lot of space for us to stand out in the crowd.
  • Social networks are ideal for informal social communication, however for direct contact with a company we still prefer to use other means such as email or phone, and the app allows that contact to be more direct.
  • With the integration of social networks in your app, it is easy to publish only one content in all your channels.
  • Social accounts have certain limitations when it comes to incorporating a large number of native features that you can have in an app (and as simple as Xgen App Factory): Geomarketing, Push Notifications, User Registration, Points Map , etc.


What other differences do you think can be between your own apps and social networks?
If you think you have to offer a different mobile experience to your users we invite you to try out Xgen App Factory, the online platform that allows you to create mobile applications for your customers without programming a single line of code, with your own brand. #BeBluumi

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